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As though i've discovered the (not so) secret entry to the keyboard-inati. Or like... the type-lars... and there's even some dragons. ^^

After spending a few days lurking, exploring and drooling, and subsequently shopping... i realized i should sign up.

This resulting intro thread, which is being typed on a regrettably horrible, dirty, standard layout HP... i hope will be one of the last few things i ever have to type on a non-mech.

I had a low profile scissor switch logitech, which was... okay... i guess... (though it suffered from "keybind," where hitting the edge of the key would cause the mechanism to "bind," preventing activation) but had to trade it off... IIRC, because of some strange PS2/USB issue, in order to have functioning keyboards for more than one system. Since then, i've been stuck with this. The best thing about it is that it works, and i like that it has an "email" button that opens my client with a single press. Not much to like about a keyboard, i know. :P

For years... i've been superficially "aware" of mechanical boards, but i guess i never really cared all that much, as i was too busy fancying myself a "gamer," and being lulled by "macro buttons" and "features."

I was -->||<-- this close to pulling the trigger on a g510 refurb (mostly because of the macros and backlighting... and i liked the idea of a volume roller control...)

But then i started thinking... and started looking around...

And this... place... this haven... is what i found.

And now i'm wondering just what i've gotten myself into. lol.

I like MMO's (ie: AO, AoC, SWTOR, TSW, etc.), sometimes shooters (nexuiz/xonotic, APB:R -which is sort of a mix of various game-types-)... certain racing games... and anything with outrageous amounts of "gore" and "gibs."
I'm a wanna-be writer, a wanna-be web-developer, a wanna-be-someday programmer, a water-cooled overclocker, and a mostly-metal guitar player, with many years of experience... though these days i spend far more time on the keys than the strings.

I'm also a bit of a "modder" by nature. I tend to mod (or at least have ideas and the desire to do so) almost everything i acquire, in some way. My guitar is a "custom" LTD M-200FM, with SD blackouts, with an added 2nd volume control, for independent adjustment (for any guitarists out there... i use "LTHB" 10-52's and have been playing in "Drop-C" for about 2 years, after using "E-standard" most of my life). Usually, i have trouble finding anything "pre-made," that's exactly what i want. Usually, i have to find something "close enough" that can be modded to achieve the remainder of my desires.

And so... knowing i plan to spend a rather large portion of the remainder of my life, either typing or gaming (often both; see "MMO's")...

I decided i should probably invest in a high-quality input device, to increase my enjoyment of something i'll do quite a lot, and also to perhaps reduce the potential of RSI (since i seem to be rather prone to it).

I would love a "perfect" mini board... and i've seen quite a few that appeal to me (in almost every way)... such as the Race, the Choc Mini, the Pure... but i worry a bit about the accessibility of the "Fn" keys. When i write, i do lots of ctrl+shift+arrowkey, for editing. I wouldn't want to either lose, or complicate that functionality. I saw another "soon to be" mini board, recently, on these very forums, that basically combined the home-cluster and the tenkey... and while i think that's a fantastic "idea," i wonder about it's potential caveats in practice.

That said; i am so used to the "standard layout," that i'm not sure if i can deal with switching. I might be stuck with the off-center strain risks.

So... if i end up going for a "full size" board, i'd want it to have "features" (ie: nighthawk x9). How difficult would it be to swap LED's on one of those? I'd prefer not paying as much as maxkeyboard wants to charge for a full LED customization... though i think it would be "pretty great" to have such a custom. Alternatively: how "hard" would it be, to customize say... a KBT Race, in such a way? (ie: different color LED's strategically placed on one board)

Due mostly to my guitar and crappy-keyboard background, i type like "nanu: destroyer of keys." lol. Ok, maybe not quite that bad... but sometimes when i really get into it, or if i'm writing something frustrating, or out of frustration, i tend to beat the "bejesus" out of my keys.

For this reason, i think i would most likely prefer something somewhat "sturdy," with higher resistance switches, combined with o-rings... and i have a feeling that anything "too clicky" (ie: mx blues) might annoy me. I'm thinking i'll probably want mx blacks... though the idea of improving my typing, has lead me to consider that i'd most likely develop a preference for browns... or maybe even "clears."

I am also enthralled by quality backlighting... and i hate "backlight-bleed." In an ideal scenario, the backlight would only illuminate the legends... and be completely without back or side-bleed. Perhaps there is some sort of "mod" that can achieve this? I've already been thinking about it, before i even know which board i'll end up with.


Hi. :)

Maybe you guys can dump some knowledge on me, to help me decide which "one board to rule them all" i should acquire?

Computer-Lab in Basement:

--- Quote from: ferociousfingerings on Thu, 20 September 2012, 13:45:47 ---Maybe you guys can dump some knowledge on me, to help me decide which "one board to rule them all" i should acquire?

--- End quote ---
Your first lesson at Geekhack is this:



Keeping those two things in mind, enjoy your stay!  ;D


Yeah... as a "water-cooled overclocker" and "guitarist," i'm already used to being completely broke. ;)


Rather than invest in several boards which all lack something another has...

I'd rather go broke building one unique, custom-super-board!

Or, rather, one of each layout... perhaps two of each layout...


Uh oh.  :eek:

Computer-Lab in Basement:
Lol, exactly my point...

But unfortunately for you, if you are looking for "the perfect keyboard" with the "perfect switch", I am sorry to tell you that no such thing exists.  Every mechanical switch type has something undesirable about it.  Example, buckling springs might be the best feeling switches out there (at least they are IMO) but they are really, really loud.  MX black switches are nice and heavy, but provide no tactile feedback.  MX browns are too light and not tactile enough for my tastes.  Pretty much, every switch type has its pros and cons.  Find one that you find almost perfect and stick with it.  For me it's either MX Blues or buckling springs.

Good luck finding your "almost perfect" keyboard!

Sounds like you would like clears man.


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