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I wanted to post this after I got my first mech keyboard and here it is in fairly convenient bullet point format for easy reference:

 - I'm T.J.
 - I build my own computers and have since my first desktop way back in 2003.
 - I like clicky keyboards (it's why I found and joined this specific community) and I use a Logitech m600 mouse (fantastic)
 - I like other things as well and I'm sure a few of them will randomly come out through interactions.
 - I'm absolutely in love with the CM Storm I bought, even though I've typed on it for less than 20 minutes.
 - There are times I feel like I'm that guy that could rattle off odd facts, tangents and blurbs about most anything 'net related.
 - I need a new desk chair.
 - I seem to have already gotten the build my own custom keyboard bug as I am curious about the feel of MX Greens/Grays.  Blues, I think were the right choice for me, though.  Super clicky without the cacophony of buckling springs.
 - Even though I've not seen much real stuff about it, I want to try building a keyboard using wood that isn't a steampunk build.
 - And lastly, I bought three keycap sets before I even typed my first real sentence with a mech keyboard and the first set arrived at my house before the keyboard they're meant to be on did.

Welcome to Geekhack!

Sounds like you are hooked already - mind your wallet ;)

We also discuss chairs from time to time.

And I've already modded my board slightly with a 33key zinc kit.  Metal is different to type on.

Additionally, I want a pure or poker.  But I also want gray or green switches so I may end up waiting until one of the many poker/pure user-designed boards comes out...

Computer-Lab in Basement:

Hi. I rattle off random facts and stuff about lots of things, normally things that really don't matter :D


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