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Hello world!


Dr. Gibbs:
Hi guys! I just found GH a day ago, and you all look like awesome people!
By day I swing a hammer everywhere they don't want me to, by night I game and research everything from folded horn sub woofers to the pci 3.0 lane configuration of Asus' Rampage IV Gene.

Mechanical keyboards have been creeping up on me for months now, and I think it's about time I got one. I was about to buy a WASD v1 a couple days ago with Reddit's Massdrop group buy, but it just didn't feel right. I released then that I didn't really want that board. The number one feature is full customization, not something I really want. So After a little research binge I found pictures of the KBT Race on OCN. I instantly fell in love with the look. So simple and elegant, minimalistic, yet stylish. And in my searching for info about it came across this lovely collection of people, and --

Uh oh. I think my wallet just overdosed on painkillers. Could someone point me toward more info on this beauty while I run my leather friend to the ER?

Computer-Lab in Basement:

Welcome to geekhack.

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Welcome to Geekhack!

I have noticed that a lot of new members of late are already aware of the peril in which their wallets now exist ;)


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