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It's been a while ...

... a while since I wrote my last introduction thread in a forum, and, actually, a while since I visited geekhack.
I recall visiting this site a few times three years ago, when I got into the whole "mechanical keyboard" thing and then bought a SteelSeries 7G (MX Blacks).
After three years I now switched to a Leopold Tactile Touch (MX Browns), because I do much more typing then gaming these days, and thought it would be nice to get a bit deeper into the whole matter. Hence I created this account. :)

To my person: 22 years old, living in Germany, studying 'Computer Networking'.
More info and stuff on my website (don't worry, it's in English, not German ^^)

I might add that my interests include but are not limited to: penspinning, speedcubung, flourishing, Linux, IT security, physical security, lockpicking, mechanical keyboads, parkour, slacklining, tricking, urban exploration, anime, Japanese language, kyogi karuta, philosophy and typography. So if your into any of those I'm quite likely to enjoy talking to you. ;)


Welcome to Geekhack!

You have a very wide range of interests :)

Computer-Lab in Basement:


--- Quote from: rowdy on Sun, 23 September 2012, 17:14:54 ---Welcome to Geekhack!

You have a very wide range of interests :)

--- End quote ---

Yeah... I have no clue what half of them are! I think "tricking" may have a different meaning in your country than here in the US. I'm (almost) positive you aren't a hooker. :P

Welcome (back) to GH.

Welcome to GH..HIDE YO WALLET!!!!


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