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Hello Geekhack, I'm Dave

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Hello to you all!

I'm Dave, I'm from Australia and I'm currently on a quest for key caps and cool new keyboards.
I currently have a CM Quickfire with Cherry Blues. This is my first mechanical keyboard and I've have it for just over 4 months I think. I absolutely adore it.

I also, just today, ordered my first set of 37 PBT keycaps which I bought from a well known contributor here who goes by the name of geek_feng.

I've read through a few different thread and I'm really keen to get into these group buys as well as classifieds, considering keycaps and other items seem to be harder to find in Australia.

Best wishes,


EDIT: I also forgot to mention I do use Reddit a lot and I'm on there far more often than anywhere else, my Reddit username is the same. As the Geekhack one.

Computer-Lab in Basement:

Welcome to gh Dave.

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Welcome to GH.

Good ol' geek_feng always makes his customers happy.

Best of luck with your continued "quest"!

Welcome! I'm on Reddit too, but haven't been there for long. What are some good subreddits to subscribe to?


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