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French guy reporting in !

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Hi everyone !

First thing, please excuse my English. Or blame it on the French educating system   :D

As many newcomers I've come to this forum looking for information to get my first mechanical keyboard. I'm mostly a gamer and spent quite a lot of time on the Internet as well. Too much, according to the gf and family.

At the moment, I'm the owner of a Roccat Arvo which has served me well for the last 2 years. I like the compactness of it and I also like the idea of having the numpad doubling as the arrow keys and function keys. This allow me to access every keys without having to use combinations such as FN + other key. Unfortunately, it remains a rubber dome keyboard.

I'm looking for something just as small, without or without backlightning, with or without USB and audio ports, with or without detachable USB cord...
Quite frankly, my criterias are rather broad, except for 2 things:

- I want it to be small. Not  HHKB small, but at least Roccat Arvo small.
- I want most of the keys to be usable without having to use weird keys combinations.

I'm really interested in the upcoming CM Storm Quickfire TK but I'm not sure of how the numpad/arrow keys block works, and info on availability is lacking.

Also have a slight crush on the Choppoo Choc Mini, but its seems hard to get.

Anyway, glad to be here, and hope to be a member of this nice community  ;)

Hey Enhor,
one more frenchman  :)
j'ai un choc mini brown si tu veux des infos n'hésite pas (je compte le vendre bientôt dans les 60 euros si ça t'intéresse )

Welcome to geekhack. The choc mini is  a nice keyboard.


Welcome to GeekHack = p.

Not many keyboards with the same layout. I believe there is one MX board that has it, but I can't recall the brand/product. If you don't need a number pad, just go for a TKL.

I have a Choc Mini myself, its a wonderful board. I think Qtan (check in vendor subforum) has some. Well I got mine from him.


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