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..and here comes a new challenger! From South America.

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I started to feel like I was typing too much and my fingers were suffering from that.
That made me go after mechanical keyboards, and geeky as I am, I went after several 'credible' places that redirected all to resources in here.

So, here I am!

As posted on the sticky, I spend more than I should in input devices and also I am not very blessed with my geographical position; most of the equipment needs to be imported here and is craaazy expensive.
Oh, of course, this is important: I'm Brazilian.

Hope to find valuable resources and maybe even some nice deals and partners to fulfill my mad scientist projects... MWAHAHAHA!

Hey man welcome to Geekhack!

Welcome to GH bro, enjoy your stay


Welcome to Geekhack!

At least it it not just Australia where it is stupidly expensive to import keyboards.

At least custom key caps are relatively expensive to import (in most cases).


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