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..and here comes a new challenger! From South America.

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There was talk of setting up an Australian proxy at one stage - basically one kind person who collects O/S orders and gets them shipped all at once.  That would help with the shipping costs, but not necessarily the import tax.

I think you might be stuck there :(

If someone is willing to do a sale in the classifieds, it may be like $20-30 through USPS.

Welcome tho, hope you find a board.

Welcome, dude!
I'm from Brazil too and I know it's hard to buy good stuff here.

Hey, fellow samba-dancer, jungle-liver!

I live in Parana, not so distant from civilization, but seems like if you don't live in Sao Paulo you have an additional challenge layer to overcome.

May I ask some tips of nice places to buy locally other than Kabum and/or places that only offer Cooler Masters?

Computer-Lab in Basement:


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