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Swiss ISO Layout : what are my options?

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Hey everybody,

Got my CMStorm QFR for a while, and as anybody who started typing on mech keyboards, I HAVE TO UPGRADE/PIMP IT!

The main issue is... I'm Swiss (french part), and I got used to write with a Swiss Layout. My QFR has a german layout (which is more or less the same layout except for the french accents and for the special signs).
I was wondering if, aside of WASD keyboards and its ABS custom keycaps, there were other options - like, say, someone who makes custom doubleshot PBT keycaps with OEM profile?  ;D

When I ask for options, I mean ANY options, even if it has to cost 200$ for a 88keyset - I'm just trying to understand how hard it is to get swiss layouts for mechanical keyboards... and, well, maybe a more seasoned Swissman will launch a group buy one day ?  :D

And, yes, I'll create a new post later about the layouts I'm drawing to show them and get some condescending comments regarding my tastes about fonts and stuff  :blank:

New doubleshots won't happen. Dyesubs.. maybe, but it'll cost you a lot. The best option, however, is some old doubleshots from a Cherry G80/G81-3000HAC. The C in HAC means Swiss layout.

I think Ascaii over at DT still has one for sale here. You will need to replace the ctrl, alt, windows, menu, spacebar and caps lock keys, since the originals won't fit your QFR. You can get these in the form of a GMK moogle kit, which should be fairly easy to find.

Oh, also, welcome to geekhack!

Hey, Swiss, relatively new, lookig for good keycaps here :)

Sorry to wake up the zombie thread but... did you have any luck with your quest for good CH layout caps ? They are so damn hard to find !

And also, there is this Facebook group...

There's literally *not even* dozens of us ! ;)

Same thing still holds true for the moment, look for old Cherry models in Swiss.
Now that ISO is available from Gateron, I will be offering some hard to find layout like Swiss as dyesub in the near future.

Hey, Swiss dyesub set would be awesome !

Where should I watch in order not to miss it ?


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