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Hello keyboard people,
I registered here on this forum because I am looking for some advice.

I am looking for a new keyboard that can help me with office work. Imagine a guy sitting in his office, having to type all day every day. The faster he can type, the sooner he can go home.
That guy is me.

With my current cheap cherry keyboard I can type roughly 110-120 wpm on average.
What bothers me a little about my keyboard is that the buttons are a little bit too deep, meaning I have to push them down a long way before a click registers.
They are also not sensitive enough for my liking. I prefer to only lightly touch a button.

Clickity sounds don't bother me too much so it is not necessary to consider that.

I am looking for QUALITY, meaning that I don't really care how much it costs as long as it is not more expensive than a whole new computer.
I want it to be durable.

Typing is the only factor here. I don't care about fancy lights, usb ports, gaming speed, extra buttons or whatever. Just typing.

I looked at Maltron and Kinesis Advantage keyboards but I am not too sure if those are good. Can you give me some pointers on that please? I don't really have too much time to spend hours researching keyboards, so I hope with your knowledge you can help me out a little.

Thank you in advance for your help. :)

What else might be of interest to you:
I am from Germany and use the Neo 2.0 keyboard layout (which is amazing by the way).
I touchtype and don't care if the buttons have some other layouts on them though. I'd like them to be blank, if that's an option for the keyboards you are going to suggest.

Welcome to GH.

It depends what you type. Snippets, text expansion or speech recognition might be a much better choice than brute force typing.

If you're just wanting to change the typing experience to something with less travel and less force, then Cherry reds with o-rings (to reduce travel) may be the quickest and easiest for you. 

A really good test is to see how much easier it is for you to type at the same speed or if your speed improves with the same effort.

Hey there, thank you for your input.

I did a little bit of research.
- not bottoming out keys should increase the typing speed, correct?
How can that be achieved with a keyboard? A friend of mine suggested topre 45 keys and the novatouch keyboard.

Are there any good alternatives to that? I prefer as little resistance as possible but still some resistance so I have a feedback.  I currently bottom the **** out of my keys so I guess there is a little learning curve required before I can actually benefit from that. I have no problem with that though.

I have looked into that and I agree that it would help me a lot.
Do you know any good way to implement macros into ubuntu?

I am afraid that cherry reds have too little resistance and will force me to bottom out because I get no feedback in my fingers.
I don't know if those o-rings would add to that though.

ActionA and AutoKey are both quite user-friendly task-automation apps, and esp. the latter is quite suitable for text expansion.

If you edit text as well, and don't use Vim or Emacs or at least something like Atom/Sublime/, definitely look into that, because macros, advanced navigation, multiple cursors or vi's dot command can save a lot of time/effort.

There's also Plover (steno).


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