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This is all quite old. And involves the De kit which is very well represented if there are so called "International" kits.

I think Germany, UK, Denmark amd Swedes are very lucky to be the ones represented in those "International" kits.

I was hoping to do a french kit and add Swiss as well. Basically what is NOT represented in that one falsely called "International" kit.

Maybe it has more resonance since these languages are never covered.

I wish the GB process wouldn't be so limited and flexibility from the manufacturer would be more considerate towards other nationalities.

FYI there's one Swiss layout IC for a GMK WoB/BoW:


Thank you so much for linking this! Definitely interested!


--- Quote from: Surefoot on Sun, 04 April 2021, 06:34:50 ---FYI there's one Swiss layout IC for a GMK WoB/BoW:

--- End quote ---

That's very cool, hope we can have the same in ISO Be and Fr :)

found one in here : YMDK Hami Melon

But not ISO-BE, only ISO-FR. Sorry


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