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Smaller layout fullsize keyboard?

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I started using a keyboard at around the age of ten. I'm sure that part of this was that I had nothing to compare it to, but I remember absolutely loving the experience of the toy that could do interesting things, rather than being troubled by key spacing. Ditto the manual typewriter I started using several years before that.

My kids started using keyboards from 6 years old and were on Mavis Beacon by 7. They're incredibly adaptable, no physical issues.

Conversely, as I get old, I find the traditional keyboard layout too cramped and sometimes type on a split board (and am in the process of building a second split board). The downside here is the incredibly non-standard key layout.

1800 is close enough to 'standard' fullsize that adaptation is incredibly easy (I have used both interchangably)

What you're looking for doesn't appear to exist.  The closest thing to tighter switch spacing would be an Ergo from Maltron or Kinesis.

But if my 4&5 year olds and wife with tiny hands can use a 1800 with BOX Navy switches, I have a hard time seeing why anyone else wouldn't be able to.


Thank you for your thoughts!
My kid is currently on a Lenovo, and she seems to like it a lot.
I am still thinking that a condensed standard would be a good thing, but since the need is not that dire anymore and the threshold to building one myself is a bit too steep, I guess the Lenovo will suffice for the time being.

I recently made my girlfriend a 95% scaled keyboard, and as others have pointed out, the limiting factor is the keycap size.  It is hard to find pre-made caps which are much narrower than about 18mm.  However, it is certainly possible to 3D print caps, which I am planning to try once I finish up some other ongoing projects :P.    Then I could make a board quite easily that has a pitch down to something like 15.5mm or so.


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