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Glove80: The End Result of 500+ A/B Testing Experiments

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Looks awesome.
Just few thoughts..
Since you speak about ergonomics - in my experience ca. 40 degrees tenting
is what gives really comfortable wrist position. You keyb is ca. 10 degrees I think?
So how would one make it 40 degrees?
I use rubber foam wedges to make a support,  so a keyboard with a flat bottom
and anti-slip feet works good.

Another common issue is that most such keyboards are sold only together, no one-handed
option. That IMO a bummer, I mean most potential buyers are gamers or geeks (like myself)
who probably want only one half, but e.g. ergodox sell  only two-part version (but I might be wrong, haven't asked them personally).

Glove80 has a built-in tenting kit; the legs can be extended to change the tenting angle. If you need a higher tenting angle than is possible with the installed threaded rods, just replace the threaded rods with something longer. Furthermore Glove80 can easily adapt to any custom mounting by taking the feet off, including vertical mounting and chair mounting. It is very flexible in that regards.

For more information, please see

More on MoErgo ergonomics and how it helps us maintain a good typing posture.

The keyboard is well designed for ergonomics and looks stylish. Congratulations!

I noticed that it got some sharp edges. Is it easy to make them more rounded? I came across this video by Jan Lunge and was impressed by the smooth finish of the Dactyl. What do you think?

This is the first ergonomic keyboard I'm interested in. Usually they look ugly. This one is beautiful.


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