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[IC] ePBT Real -- Middle East/India Vendor Added - Big Update Soon!

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ePBT Real

IC Form

Hi everybody! I was on the fence about adding a 40s kit to this set, so I have decided to include a poll about 40s in the IC Form. Please consider taking the time to fill out the form and contribute your feedback to improve this set!

As someone that has struggled with my own mental health, especially in the last few years being apart, I know that music can play a big part in helping you find the light at the end of the tunnel. One artist that I was able to connect to was NF. He has inspired me and made me a better person, the inspiration for this set. So here is ePBT Real, enjoy!
ePBT Dye Sub Cherry Profile Caps

Please consider filling out the Interest Check Form, It doesn't take long and it is very helpful to me and to you to get your ideas across to me! Big thank you to everyone that fills it out!

Discord Server Link

RAL 9005 - Mod Cap/Alpha Legend
RAL 9016 - Mod Legend
RAL 7037 - Alpha Cap/Accent Legend
RAL 8008 - Accent Cap
RAL 5024 - Alt Mods Legends/Alt Mods Accent Cap
RAL 9002 - Alt Mods Cap/Alt Mods Accent Legend

Group Buy Date -- TBD

Please fill out IC Form

Keep in mind that computer made renders may not be 100% color accurate. I have done my best to match the colors to physical samples.

Kit Renders

Board Renders -- Work in Progress

Nemui by Bachoo

D60Lite by KBDfans

Portico by TKC

Fuji65 by CMM Studio

8XM2 by KBDfans

Please fill out IC Form

Special Thanks
First off, I'd like to thank Summerqm for doing these amazing novelty designs that complete this set! I'd also like to thank all the people that helped with this set, Cylent, Banned, NoPun, Imperfect, SpikedSynapse, Nicky, KeebAad, hzsh, Hark, eg0, and many more!

More Details Coming Soon!

Vendors - TBD

US: Dangkeebs
CA: AlphaKeys
UK: Protozoa Studio
EU: CandyKeys
CN/Int: KBDfans
SEA: iLumkb
ME/IN: StacksKB
OCE: DailyClack

10/19 - GB Posted 10/31 - Vendors Announced 11/26 - ME/IN Vendor Added

Collabs -- TBD

Feel free to contact me about collabs/vendors for the set! or dm me on discord @itsvishnu#6718
Thank You! Please let me know your feedback by putting a message below or filling out the interest check form! Your help is appreciated!

10/22 - New Discord server added
10/25 - Kitting Renders Updated, Minor Kitting Changes
            -R3 1.75u Ctrl now icon
            -Colors adjusted in alt mods
            - Added Alpha F5-8 to base
10/31 - Vendors Announced!
11/26 - ME/IN Vendor - StacksKB Added

Awesome! I can see the inspiration from NF clearly and I can't wait to watch this going forward.

However, the kit renders seem a bit muddy, like the lighting is almost grey. Might just be me, but I thought I'd say something.

I like the colors of the base,the kitting renders look like they have bad lighting

Also you should change the settings on the IC form because you can't answer it without permission.

i don't like the base kit naming

or the fact that it has alpha f13 despite being full mod f row
is the kitting channel helping you at all


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