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Help finding keycaps for Varmilo VA87M
« on: Sun, 12 December 2021, 11:29:21 »

let me start by saying that what will follow might be considered sacrilege in here but i need your help.

I'm desperately trying to find keycaps for my Varmilo VA87M that are similar to the keycaps used by's comfort 5000 wireless keyboard: What i do like about these keycaps is the fairly bigger and flatter surface, the softer edges and most importantly the sides of the keycaps that aren't too steep thus creating a more "even" feeling across the keyboard. The keycap spaces are closer to each other. Also they are level to each other. On the Varmilo ones my fingers usually tend to fall between the ridges due to muscle memory.

What would be the most close approximation to these keycaps? Sublimated, darker colors ( black, dark grey etc. ), cherry switch compatible, US ANSI.

I've inluded some close ups of the keycap in comparison to the Varmilo ones.

I've already went through a lot of search and couldn't find a silver lining between what i need.
I searched for DSA, XDA. XDA seems to have more of steep sides and be taller. DSA i couldn't find stock ones with the color i want.
I also looked for G20 profile which seems nice but for the longest of time it's out of stock.
Lastly, i found the MBA and TEA profile which seem to be the perfect fit, especially the TEA one but both are only choc compatible.

Any help to put an end to this never ending struggle on finding these keycaps would be much much appreciated.

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Re: Help finding keycaps for Varmilo VA87M
« Reply #1 on: Sun, 12 December 2021, 12:22:56 »
doesn't exist because the keyboard you are comparing it is low profile. XDA, DSA, G20 are the closest match that can fit on a MX switch. the keycaps that are closest to what you want is MBK Choc Keycaps. The only issues is they are designed to work only with Cherry ML/ Kailh Choc switches.
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Re: Help finding keycaps for Varmilo VA87M
« Reply #2 on: Sun, 12 December 2021, 13:31:25 »
Thank you for the response!
The best compromise then for the Varmilo would be DSA or G20 i guess I'm also considering XDA because compared to DSA they have a bigger surface from what i've seen. Hence minimizing the space between each keycap.
Hopefully there's going to be something in stock in a pleasant color format.
The hunt continuous!

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Re: Help finding keycaps for Varmilo VA87M
« Reply #3 on: Tue, 11 January 2022, 13:59:50 »
I used a copy of XDA profile called ZDA. Sold on AliExpress.

They are indeed flatter and offer a larger surface than Cherry and the like.

Look up "Matcha Keycaps" ZDA for an example. They come in various colourways. Cheap, and the quality is actually quite good. Consistent and deep-sounding, at least mine were.

There's also DSS profile, but I haven't received mine yet. Tai Hao makes something called Cubic profile, which is unfortunately a little taller than what you want [just over Cherry height, I think], but they are supposed to have a flatter, more square-like surface.