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Looking for caps in all the wrong places (LF xda/dsa caps)


Hiya guys & gals,

Recently I caught a glimpse of the Infinikey Hive keycaps and fell in love. Since then I have frantically been looking for a similar look in a lower profile cap such as XDA or DSA, but have not really had much luck.

Link to the Hive set

Even combining two keycap sets has crossed my mind. Does anyone know a source for yellow-on-black caps with yellow space/escape/enter/arrow keys an possibly a seperate but matching black-on-white alphanumeric set?

The HoneyMilk xda set seems like it has the white alphas and yellow accents, leaving just the yellow-on-black caps which I can only find in cherry and oem profiles.

GMK Yellowjacke?

Yes, those are similar, but I'm looking for an XDA version.

I've been trying to source XDA blanks - they seem to be the most knocked off keycap. I have no clue how many manufacturers there are. There seem to be many, and it's hard to find who actually produces them.


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