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Looking for Keycaps for my Black KBD67 Lite R3


I recently built my first keyboard with a KBD67 Lite R3 with Gateron Inky Black V2 switches, but I chose to save money and I got some poor quality keycaps. After some time, I am ready to upgrade to some keycaps that will hopefully last longer and look better. Any suggestions?

Aifei Doubleshots, cost around 40 bucks, on aliexpress, distinguishable by a forced accent 7u and a massive kitting render with many many spacebars on the bottom

Also shenpo dyesubs on aliexpress, he makes the 6001, beige photoshop and some other caps, most of his product photos will include a wooden hand holding a keyboard, also on aliexpress, excellent for the price

Look into keycaps by AKKO. They seem to be affordable and decent. They have their own website, and I think they are on AliExpress.

Also, Domikey has gotten into the keycap game and is producing interesting sets. Unprecedented quality at that price point, according to some.

Drop seems to have reduced the price of some Artifact Bloom sets to $39. They are decent, orderly keycaps but the tops scratch easily.


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