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--- Quote from: NoPunIn10Did on Fri, 14 May 2021, 08:56:18 ---If you haven't already, be sure to drop by the Keycap Designers' Server to hash out kitting and such.  You've currently got some redundancy, like having UK alphas both in base and in a NorDeUK kit.  There are several options for this, but I wouldn't recommend what you currently have set up.

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Definitely, I'm still considering the kitting.
--- Quote from: dandruff on Fri, 14 May 2021, 08:57:42 ---Honestly, I do like what you have so far and am definitely interested cw-wise.

Kitting-wise, it's a tad obvious the kits are from the KRK renders, but those can be worked on with some time.

My main concern right now is the quantity of colors. Based on the ones you used, I don't think any besides MAYBE Magnolia can find a stock equivalent.

The issue is that GMK wants custom colors to be used throughout the set and would also prefer fewer custom colors. Due to that, your additional of orange only being on the accents and the yellow only as legends for the modifiers, may contribute to a super expensive set. I would say to either:

1. Make compromises and remove the yellow and orange. Use the dark blue on the alphas for the accent as well, and either the pink or the colors on the alphas on the mods. That way you remove both orange and yellow and cut down custom colors used.

2. Consider a different manufacturer to avoid a $150 base kit of some sort.

Anyways, GLWIC and I'll be looking out!  :thumb:

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Hey there, thanks for the advice. I'm a real newbie at this. Will definitely consider reducing the custom colors and reworking the KRK renders :)


Thanks for the offer. :)

Delicate color!!!Want it soooo badly and why not add some interesting nov to make us associate with ur inspiration better!!

Very interesting muted colours. I like.

Just a clarification - the alphas look like they have a blue tinge in the tenders (especially on a board), but they are actually light grey?


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