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DCS Vert

MoreImagine reading in the 21st century -_-.
I was in Discord with my friend, and we were just chilling, talking to one another, until we had nothing to do. We sat there doing nothing listen to music bot "Rythm" (RIP) for like 30 minutes. One of my friends said "Let's make a keycap set, and see how far we can go. I don't think it's that hard to make a set. And let's compare your set to one another." So, I made this. I said to my friends "This will actually hits MOQ, if it is GB." They disagree with me, so we bet. One of my friends saw this clip of people doing a wax mold of their hands. So, if this set actually hits MOQ, they have to send me a wax mold of their pp. If it doesn't, I have to send them mine. Just a normal thing for us. (please help me tt) You don't have to believe that this story is real, I might made this up.

I want to make a simple dark green set.

IC Thread

GB: May 2 - June 2
Estimated Delivery: Q4 2022 - Q1 2023

United States: ThocKeys
United Kingdom: Prototypist
Canada: ApexKeyboards
South East Asia: Hex Keyboards
Korea: Swagkeys
Oceania: SwitchKeys

How much?

Material - ABS
Legends - Doubleshot, Pad-Print (red sublegends)
Colors - Pantone 627 C - all caps, Pantone  276 C - accent esc and enter,
Pantone 704 C - red sublegends & SP WA - all legends

Base Kit

Chad Kit(150MOQ)
MoreYou guys who are worried if SP is actually going to make this or not. I've asked SP about the sublegends, and they said they are totally fine with those sublegends and they can make it.

This is an explanation of some of the sublegends that might confuse you. QOCK - If you put it in Google Translate, it sound like cock. (I cannot find a meme word that starts with Q.) EYES - refers to Simon's eyes, and also that E-Y-E-S joke. Juan - refers an image of a horse standing on a balcony. This is hilarious to me idk why. ZOOM - refers to Zoom Meeting related jokes. (I cannot find a meme word that starts with Z.)

About those red sublegends. My idea is that those sublegends says "GMK BAD BUT DCS GOOD", as I want to express that don't buy GMK their MOQ system is bad, their lead time is awful, they don't really care about customers. I wanted to make them pad printed because eventually they'll wear out = by the time they wear out, that's the time I hope GMK is good again.

10u Kit

Renders by Izeri
Considering the first idea of this set has a sublegends, Izeri cannot use Fooblitzky's DCS models for all of the caps.
So, Izeri mixed KRK & Fooblitzky's DCS models together to make renders for this set.

As you can see the color of this set is really similar to GMK Taiga. I've asked the designer GMK Taiga (Oggi)
if it is fine for me to use this color scheme, and he said yes.

MoreNo. We already have enough deskmats, find one or make it yourself.

MoreWhat's up with the name
DCS Vert = DCS is DCS Profile & Vert is green in French. Why French? idk it just sounds good. French is sexy.

Why DCS?
I love DCS. It's good.

Can we have pics after GB?

No, sorry. Ive contacted some designers to collab with them, but as I think more about it. I decide not to do any collaboration as this is my first big project, I am trying to make things simple, so it can go as smooth as possible.

Discord server / mcmcmc#2149

N ut

In for all kits

P og



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