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Do you use your little fingers to type often?

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I know I use my left pinky the most for L-shift, Ctrl, CPSL (I use CPSL for a hot key for fast weapon swap in games - CSGO & Destiny 2), but other than those few reasons/scenarios left pinky is my primary little finger to use (my strong finger).

I actually only use my left pinky to hit A sometimes. I don't think I ever use my right.

I have been working on training my left pinky and it has been rough.

Still not at the point where I can do it without thinking. Mainly just use it for the "a"


I've realised that they don't do much.  In this sentence they did: Both Shifts, Enter, ', and A

I also use my left pinky for z

Q, P and ; are handled by my ring fingers, which I'd never really thought about until now.  ? needs to be my ring finger because I use my right pinky on the Rshift instead of Lshift.

My pinkies actually end up floating usually, but I still use them quite a bit. Shift, QAZ, Tab, P":?[]\, Backspace, and Enter are all relegated to my pinkies...if they haven't been remapped elsewhere. Most my boards put shift/enter/backspace under the thumbs now, for example. Most my fingers actually end up floating, but I still touch type, and usually just have one or two fingers keying off homerow that the rest somehow manage to line up off of. I don't even know how my hands do it, but it works so  :cool: 


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