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Do you use your little fingers to type often?

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I am trying to be more disciplined in my typing technique since switching to a split ortho keyboard (Corne variant). I used to use a full keyboard, and while my typing speed was good, my technique was bad and I moved my hands around a lot.  Now I essentially keep them in place.

left pinky yes, right pinky not so much.  I'll use it for right shift, but not much else.

if I had to lose a finger, it'd be my right pinky.  I can get used to left shift

I type mostly with my middle fingers and use the pinkies for the SHIFT keys.
I can type pretty fast like that, only looking down at the keys from time to time.

I think I don't use it at all. Just realised.

Alt layout fanboy here, I use my pinkies when typing.


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