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I have a problem with my keyboard and I hope someone can help me. I bought a new Logitech K380 wireless keyboard a few weeks ago and it worked fine until recently. Now, whenever I type, there is a noticeable delay between pressing the keys and seeing the characters on the screen. Sometimes, the keys donít register at all and I have to press them multiple times. This is very frustrating and makes typing very slow and inaccurate. I have tried changing the batteries, updating the drivers, checking the settings, and cleaning the keyboard, but nothing seems to help. I also tested my keyboard on an online keyboard keys latency tool and the response was inconsistent and varied from 150 ms to 300 ms and the average was around 200 something.

Does anyone know what could be causing this issue and how to fix it? Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

One of my first guesses apart from what you have already done is to check that your receiver is within close proximity of the keyboard, perhaps there is a range related issue, or something is blocking the signal. Try a different usb port or placing your keyboard nearer the receiver.

Perhaps try repairing the keyboard, or to a different pairing number. Or try connecting to a different computer/device.

After all this perhaps a warranty claim with all the testing and information you can provide.


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