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[IC] KKB Miami Nights

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--- Quote from: aicyborg on Fri, 06 October 2023, 17:14:26 ---
--- Quote from: Fnzzy on Fri, 06 October 2023, 00:51:28 ---He can't as he doesn't own the colourway, thus GMK won't let him. OCO (who also doesn't own this colourway) owns this colourway and calls the shots on the GMK production of this set.

--- End quote ---

"OCO (who also doesn't own this colourway) owns this colourway"


--- End quote ---

"Eh?" exactly! They didn't design it. They took it from another designer who ICd it (and then vanished from the scene) and now GMK won't reproduce it unless OCO allows it.

That designer ultimately turned out to be a scammer, but they did IC it and allegedly even placed an order with GMK, although I've heard different things about that last point.

Good ol' yoink and claim.

it is for the best, GMK's new molds are trash

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Nice colour! :thumb:


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