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[IC] WUkds Motorcycle Tour:let's Travel


Motorcycle Tour

Keycap Information:

Manufacturer: WUkds                   

Profile: Cherry
Material: PBT

Novelties: DYE-SUB

Number of Keys: 172 Keys

Keycap thickness: 1.5mm

Design inspiration:

I once dreamed of walking the world with a sword and seeing the prosperity of the world.
A lifetime is very short, and you always have to take a trip that you can leave as soon as you say it, and drive your own car to keep going.
It turns out that the sunsets I saw in my twenties are really different from those I saw in my eighties. I am usually troubled by the trivialities of life. Life is not just the trivial things in front of you, but also the scenery of great mountains and rivers. Before the age of 30, I have to do it A crazy thing. Let's go, drive a motorcycle to Tibet, this is the place I want to go; I have designed all my aspirations into the theme of Motorcycle Tour. There are motorcycle elements that I like in it, as well as the route of China's 318 National Highway, and the sun that I want to see with my own eyes shines on the mountain, Shine the whole mountain into gold.
The design is inspired by the elements of China's 318 National Road and the scenery elements of China's Tibet. The color of the road is mainly gray, and the green plants along the way are embellished.
If possible, take a walk-and-go trip. Nothing can stop your yearning for freedom.



[Product size] 900*400*4MM

[Product material] Natural rubber + heavy microfiber cloth

[Printing process] Thermal transfer printing

[Edge sealing process] Precise edge locking


Real Shot




The sun shines on the mountain, and the whole mountain is shining golden.



Ugly font, pass

Friendly reminder that motorcycle accidents happen frequently and are likely to be fatal. Think twice and get sufficient insurance before hopping onto your new motorbike and riding off into the sunset.

Besides, unless there is very good reason, it might be better to use 1 font throughout the entire set to ensure consistency

mildly less of a trainwreck than WUkds england was

still very mediocre but mildly better

Well...Those novs/mods are certainly something.


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