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[Interest Check] Cherry G81 Doubleshots with RGB Sets

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I managed to source for a few sets of Cherry DS keys (about 5, or maybe more, depending on the interest) of the G81 keyboard (keycaps only) and these come in default with the RGB sets.

Anyone interested in a set?
Edit 1: Forgot to mention that these are about 90% new and lightly used, definitely not brand new.

Tentative price given was US$35/set but I have negotiated down to US$30/set if we manage to make 5 orders.

Shipping from Malaysia is about USD$10 for a 500g normal sized air parcel and will take 15 days.
Shipping using EMS service is about USD$30 and will take 3-5days.

I recommend someone in the US to take order for everyone and distribute from there.
(if bulk of the order goes there)

So, reply if interested!
I'm still asking the source for other types of cherry keys but not sure if people would be interested in buying them - like this: (no idea how much they cost, but shouldn't be more than US$2 each?)

I'm in for a set of doubleshot keycaps with RGB sets.

I'm in for 2 sets of doubleshot keys with RGB modifiers.

nice find - in for a set of the doubleshots + RGB

I like those light green ones. Are they just those 6 letters?


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