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White Filco MJ2 w/ Blue and Brown switches

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Many people are looking for a White Filco Keyboard, but it is surely hard to get one.  Is anyone interested in purchasing the White TKL Keyboard in Brown and blue switches?

These are all BNIB.

I could include the original black keyboard Filco MJ2, but it might be a bit cheaper if you just buy from Amazon (because of their price and the shipping).

The prices will be the same for both brown and blue switches

White Filco MJ2 TKL - $168.50 (due to change in currency)

The pricing does not include shipping.

I will accept the shipping payments after everything is finalized, and I will estimate shipping to be around $15.  

People who live in the Los Angeles area can also come pick up the board from me to save themselves money.

This group buy is not guaranteed yet, as I have to know if there will be enough buyers first.  I know I am new and all, but I promise you I am not weipim(I won't screw you guys over).

--- Quote ---The list so far
sherrytoN: 1 x Blue
waterdr1nker: 1 x Blue
demik: 1 x Blue  
[strike]HeavyArms: 1 x Blue[/strike]
Ichitz: 1 x Blue
Gin: 1 x Blue
mmiyazaki : 1 x Blue
All About Jake: 1 x Blue
[strike]chenga91: 1 x Blue[/strike]
twinkies: 1 x Blue
vizion: 1 x Blue

--- End quote ---

10 x Blues

Please be willing to commit if you want to be added.

September 14

Waiting on a few more payments.

I forgot to add, I am in for 2!  Our goal is almost reached! HAHA

No one likes me!

I'm in for one TKL white with blues.

is it the bright white or the off white?

if it's bright white, ill take a tkl with blues. im in los angeles also.


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