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White Filco MJ2 w/ Blue and Brown switches

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Almost instantaneously!  I would say about 1-2 weeks to get here, then another 1-2 weeks to send all of them which is not much.

--- Quote from: ichitz;411667 ---what is the expected delivery for these keyboards if the group buy is to go through?
i'm interested in 1 blue tkl
--- End quote ---

I don't mind you taking my picture at all. :)

For anybody interested in a white MJ1 with browns, I currently have one for sale in the classifields . I'll sell it for $175 shipped if you mention this thread.  :)

Are you buying these white Filcos from armygroup?


--- Quote from: litster;411906 ---Are you buying these white Filcos from armygroup?
--- End quote ---

No, I found an agent who got a quote w/ shipping prices.

I bought 3 white Filco browns from army group in June for about $170.50 each shipped via EMS from Taiwan to me in the States.  It would be more expensive if you on buy one or two, though, due to shipping.  Might want to check with Army Group to see if it is any cheaper when buying 4 or more.  Though you would still need to reship to buyers again once the bulk package is received.  If your agent is shipping them separately and directly from Taiwan to the States individually, than it is a decent deal.  

Good luck with the group buy!


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