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White Filco MJ2 w/ Blue and Brown switches

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I asked if there was a difference between whites of the MJ1 or MJ2, and he said that he could not tell the difference.  I am assuming it will be cream white, not bright white.

I took this picture from dvdhsu (I hope you are fine with this).

I hope that picture will help you distinguish the colors of how the keyboard will probably look like.  

TBH, I do not know if they even have a bright white colored keyboard.


Here is another picture.

--- Quote from: demik;411061 ---is it the bright white or the off white?

if it's bright white, ill take a tkl with blues. im in los angeles also.
--- End quote ---

Thanks for the help #1 KB EXP in the Universe!

Worse case scenario I'll sell it in the classified. Keep me on for one.


what is the expected delivery for these keyboards if the group buy is to go through?
i'm interested in 1 blue tkl


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