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SP Cherry MX 87-key Dyesub Group Buy ***ORDERS ARE NOW CLOSED***

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There's been talk in the past of doing a full-set dyesub group buy, but it never got off the ground. I'm curious if we can change that.

So here's the deal: the set is one full 87-key set of PBT dye sublimated keycaps, spaced to match a Filco (Combined Filco/Leopold-compatible spacebar). Black Helvetica font on a blue keycap. Keycaps are from the "DCS" family, in which thickness varies from 0.033" to 0.040". I want to keep this group buy as simple as possible, so suggestions to deviate from this plan will not be accepted (of course, you are welcome to start your own group buy).

Here's a photo of the shades of blue that SP can do for PBT keycaps. We will use the last one on the bottom (BCT). The spacebar will be matched as closely with this color as possible in ABS.

[ Attachment Invalid Or Does Not Exist ] 27445[/ATTACH]

[ Attachment Invalid Or Does Not Exist ] 29063[/ATTACH]

Updated pricing:
30 sets - $96.58 / set

Shipping Prices:
US: $6
Canada: $8
EU: $10
Asia & Oceania: $15
Additional Sublimation Setup fee: $2/set

Here's the "Who's In" List:
keyboardlover - 1 (USA) ME *1 backspace
reaper - 1 (USA) SHIPPED
dorkvader - 1 (USA) *1 backspace SHIPPED
Laggy-gaga - 2 (Australia) SHIPPED
guilleguillaume - 1 (Spain) SHIPPED
gimpster - 1 (USA) *1 backspace SHIPPED
xmrxkrazy - 1 (USA) SHIPPED
Kraise - 1 (Canada) SHIPPED
xbb - 1 (Italy) SHIPPED
Khenra - 1 (Netherlands) SHIPPED
demik - 1 (USA) SHIPPED
MrPhil - 1 (New Zealand) *1 backspace SHIPPED
lal - 1 (Germany) SHIPPED
jpm804 - 1 (USA) SHIPPED
tanookie - 1 (Canada) SHIPPED
biochem - 1 (USA) *1 backspace SHIPPED
slueth - 1 (USA) *1 backspace SHIPPED
Kisakuku - 1 (USA) *1 backspace SHIPPED
soulfree914 - 2 (South Korea) SHIPPED *1 backspace
Autolyze - 1 (USA) SHIPPED
Zoop - 1 (Canada) *1 backspace SHIPPED

And of course, our good samaritan:
Bongoojingie - 6 (USA) *2 backspace SHIPPED

Total: 30
[strike]New buyer sets available: 4[/strike]

To place your order, please PM me your GH username, country/location and order quantity.
I will reply to you with your total and my PayPal email address.
In the paypal transaction, please include your full name, address and GH username. Please DO NOT send as a gift payment!
Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

Also, this set WILL include a combined Filco/Leopold-compatible spacebar.

Here's are artist's renderings from SP to give you an idea of what they'll look like (Color WILL be different though!)

[ Attachment Invalid Or Does Not Exist ] 27548[/ATTACH]

[ Attachment Invalid Or Does Not Exist ] 27960[/ATTACH] [ Attachment Invalid Or Does Not Exist ] 27961[/ATTACH]

Production photos are here! Obviously only the blue ones are for this group buy =)
[ Attachment Invalid Or Does Not Exist ] 32724[/ATTACH] [ Attachment Invalid Or Does Not Exist ] 32725[/ATTACH]


Please PM me if your set has a Backspace with non-straight lettering!

I'm in for 1 x 87-key set please..

I hope to have a sample image for reference soon...

What color blue? Like a light blue or a darker one?

Helvetica is a hipster font, but that'd make it awesome. XD

So SP can finally do dye sub keys?  Cool.  I am interested.  I would wait to get to 100 sets though.


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