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[Interesting Check] CM Storm W/ Red/Black switches and Ducky From PChome(TW)

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I got several people ask about this keyboard and I find it from Pchome in Taiwan and they do ship international(but only have Chinese webpage). Also, they carry some of ducky too. So here I checking how many needs for this  board as long as some other staff from PChome T.W, than we group up order it so might get some discount.

Price is 98-99 dollar, shipping is 10 dollars to U.S./AU 20 Dollars to EU (up to 5KG/11 pounds!)

All staff have price at NT, but you can click the word "美金?" right next to the price to get dollar price. Google translation is enough for you look up item.

They don't have Filco...

any white tenkeyless duckys?

Does this one have the Chinese characters on them or is it just like the pic on the site?

I'd be interested in CM Storm w/ brown switches

I'm in for a CM Storm with MX Red Switches


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