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In order to keep the Phantom order thread a little cleaner, I'm opening this separate thread in order to provide assembly services.  I am willing to provide this service because I enjoy soldering, not in order to make money.  The time involved is worth more than the prices I am charging.


You provide all parts and pay for all shipping fees.  For shipping estimates I am located in CT USA, 06483.  I will consider switch re-assembly (ie: ergo clears) if you provide all parts and a bribe.  If you want me to put your keycaps on you must provide a clear image/picture of the layout.  I don't do blank keycap sorting.

I provide assembly/soldering/testing service and all supplies required (ie: solder, flux, ...) for a fixed fee.  I can also grease the stabilizers with white lithium, please REQUEST this or it won't get done.  My validation testing consists of point to point continuity testing.  

I can provide stabilizer wire bending to spec, I have the proper sized die to make consistent bends in this size wire.

If you provide a compiled firmware I will load it to the controller.  I will inform you if there are issues loading it and you are responsible for dealing with it.  I will inform you as to whether standard layout key-testing works (ie: letters/numbers, no funky layer testing) before shipping.

I provide priority service for a fixed fee, if a priority slot is not purchased I will not artificially delay any assemblies later on the list.  Priority service is limited to a fixed quantity.  Upon completion of assembly and testing an email/PM will be sent to you with validation results.  It is up to you to respond in a timely manner so that I can then ship the unit(s) to you.  If there is no firmware involved you can request immediate shipping up front.

Priority service: (time to completion and notification of such, or immediate ship at your request)
$120 - 3 slots - Priority 1:  3 business days after receipt
$80  -  5 slots - Priority 2:  5 business days after receipt
$50  -  7 slots - Priority 3:  7 business days after receipt

$20  -  Non-priority, first come first serve (in order of finalized request via PM/email and acceptance of payment responsibilities).

$5  - Putting keycaps on the board.

My house is smoke free.  Update:  (no longer, she's deceased after 18yrs: I have 1 cat and she doesn't jump on my desk)  Current: 2 kittens, 8 weeks old, painfully cute and in training as desk/lap cats.  They have been on my lap for over 4 hours today.  Cat hair is at a minimum and I will blow off your keyboard during packing (and not with my mouth).

I hope I covered everything, feel free to ask for clarification.  I will not be posting a list of who bought what, just a list of who has accepted the above terms.

New additions:
If you are having me put together an 87-key standard board (no Cherry footprints) then please order a minimum 7" stabilizer for the space bar (STAB700).  Feel free to get the larger STAB1000 if you choose.  This will allow me the extra length to ensure a proper re-size.

SHIPPING UPDATE:  Use my username (alaricljs) as your mailing address when you update your order with shipping info.

List o peeps:

Definitely interested in this, I just need to find the switches and diodes first.

I wonder if there will a group buy for those for phanthom buyers.

I want to get myself in line for the "Non-priority, first come first serve"

Time to look for switches and other stuff required, since I have no prior knowledge in this, what else besides the PCB, Plate, Teensey, Casing, switches are needed

Also if we purchase a keyboard for donor switches, can we just send you the entire keyboard for that? Or do we have to provide the switches by themselves

Definitely interested.

Updated first post with stabilizer requirements.


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