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Number and Function rows with tactile bump

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F u r u y :
Who are interested in having some keycaps from Number (row 1) and Function (row 5) rows with the tactile bump (aka tactile nub)?

I was wondering if there were enough interested people so it could be added to R4. I didn't get an answer from 7bit if he can still add new keys to R4 yet (I've just PM'ed him), but I'm posting this already because we're only 10 days from the deadline. In fact, maybe it's too late to add new keys to R4 but well it doesn't hurt to ask.

I know that SP can manufacture those because I already asked them a few months ago.

don't these already come with most of the kits?

F u r u y :

--- Quote from: dorkvader;465438 ---don't these already come with most of the kits?
--- End quote ---
No, in the stadanrd kits the nub comes in home row only (F and J in case of QWERTY).

What I want is nub in some keys of Number and Function rows.

Oh, I see! Good idea, then. I'm not a fan of tactile bumps at all, but I hope this garners support from others.

I like this idea.  I think I would find it useful to have a nub on the 5, 6, and 7 keys.


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