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[Interest Check] Metal vivanco plate

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I really have no idea how many people have got these, but I thought I'd ask. I've got mine in pieces right now because I'm in the middle of switching from the XM simplified alps it comes with to complicated cream alps; and wanted to see how hard it would be to have it made as metal. So this is the answer I got, and if enough people want one I'll go through with the order. Edit: I forgot to mention, but the entire reason this thread is here is that it uses a plastic plate to start with.

1pc 1/16” Aluminum = $175 lot charge : No finish
2pcs 1/16” Aluminum = $112.5/ea : No finish
5pcs 1/16” Aluminum = $65/ea : No finish
10pcs 1/16” Aluminum = $ 48.36/ea  : No finish  

1pc  1/16” Steel  = $125 lot charge : No finish  
2pcs 1/16” Steel  = $95/ea : No finish
5pcs 1/16” Steel = $47.6/ea : No finish
10pcs 1/16” Steel = $34.82/ea : No finish

Clearly: Steel > Al

I've not heard of this keyboard before: I'd be interested if I had one. Are they vintage/rare?

It seems to be fairly rare. I got mine from missilemike, you can find some of the threads where he sold some by searching for 'vivanco geekhack'. I couldn't find the main one where he was talking about his auctions by doing that though.

Is it the same as this:

I searched vivanco, and found the model number KPT-84, which is the same as this ALPS-based 'keypot technology' board.

Hmm, depending on the possible mounting and dimensions, I might be interested to DIY-up an ALPS 'board sometime.

That looks almost identical to it in terms of what the case looks like and the physical placement of the keys. Mine has only ansi legends though along with a cooler dolch color scheme. Other than that, yeah, that's pretty much it.


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