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[Interest check] Used black on white cherry doubleshots

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Update #3: Ok sorry for the late update guys, but it looks like this gb wont work out because I couldn't get the price down enough to make it worth it. Here is the link to the ebay listing if you want to pick a board up for yourself. Its $35 shipped which is still decently reasonable. If you're overseas and you still want there I can order a board for you and ship you the keys as long as you cover the extra shipping.

Update #2: I had a chance to talk to the guy again and he said that he cleaned most of the keys on the boards to get a good look at them and most of them are in overall good condition. He said there were a couple keys that had a little bit of discoloration which is understandable for white keys that are this old. Hopefully that can be cleaned some how. He also said he has 29 boards so I'm buying all of them because I'm sure a couple people will pop in after I collect orders and ask for a set.
So the final price will be $30 (to cover paypal feels and shipping cost to you), if you live outside the US please add $3 to cover extra shipping costs.  

Update: Ok, things aren't looking too good for us. All he wanted to give me in terms of a discount was $5 off the $35 he has it listed for. All I could get is $25 per board. So if I can fit them inside some padded envelopes I can probably ship them for $3 or 4. So they'll be around $29 shipped. Its not much of a savings since I have to include shipping cost, but if people wanna go for it i'll buy his stock. Let me know what you guys think about this.

There's a seller on ebay with a few G81-1900HPU which we can harvest some nice white double shots from (picture below).

He has them listed for $35 a board, but i'm not interested in paying that much for a used set of double shot. I've been emailing the guy and he said he'll give us a discount for a large order. I'm not sure exactly how much he has in his stock but it says more than 10 on ebay. I'm also asking about the condition of the caps because the picture shown makes them look a bit dirty (which isn't a problem as long as they're not shiny). I'm not sure how big of a discount they will give us but I'll try to get it around $20 so these will be $25 shipped.

heres the picture of the key layout on the board. Every thing should be usable on a modern keyboard except tab, right shift, and modifiers.
Also as hashbaz points out, I failed to notice that numpad "0" is 1x instead of 2x. It also seems that scroll lock, pgdn, delete and end have been replaces by PF1, PF2, PF3, and PF4.
[ Attachment Invalid Or Does Not Exist ] 37706[/ATTACH]

Lets keep a running interest list should interest exceed the supply:

1) bavman - 1
2) tsangan - maybe 2
3) kisakuku - 1
4) DaemonRaccoon - 1
5) hazeluff - 1
6) Jophess -1
7) dorkvader -1
8) scrubadub -1
9) Autolyze -1
10) jrockroll -1
11) lightsout714 -1
12) dreamingftw -1
13) demik -1
14) kriminal - 1
15) iBro - 1
16) thegunner100 - 1
17) hashbaz - 1
18) 1uckyNumb3r7 - 1
19) jinzo.pk3 - 1
20) lokhin - 1
21) dfxdx - 1
22) JesuswasaZombie -1
23) DraJin - 1
24) Reptile - 1

If you posted in this thread I assume you'd be in for a set. Let me know if you don't actually want one, or would be interested in more than 1 set so we can get a rough total on how much I should ask for. More sets = lower prices ....hopefully

Depending on the condition I'll be in for a set, maybe 2 if the condition is really good ;o

Can never have enough Cherry doubleshots.

Kisa speaks the truth

I might be in for a set, depending on condition.


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