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[Interest Check] Black on white dyb sub, PBT

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I've been struggling to find a black text on white key set.

SP has given me the following quote on a 104 key black on white key, dye sub, PBT.
Text would be 8 pt Arial, or Helvetica, upper left key justified.  no capitial letters, all lowercase keyboard wide.

10 sets $149.20 / set
15 sets $124.23 / set
25 sets $104.25 / set
50 sets $89.27 / set
75 sets $84.28 / set
+ $40 setup fee.

add $5.00 per order for post.

It's a lot, is anyone interested?


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Click edit post-> Go advanced.

I'm not too interested at these prices even if you hit 50+ = / Sorry bout that. I would pay like 30 for a 37 set or even for a TKL set at around 60?

I was wondering why it was so expensive, then I noticed it's PBT

With those prices you'll need something a little more unique than black on white.

Just realized the PBT. Makes it more appealing, on the expensive side. Find a "special" style and I'll consider.


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