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Hi !


So, Here i'm

I'm an hardcore gamer, looking for his first mechanical keyboard here.

I actually use a Logitech G11...

Welcome aboard and I used to own a G15 & a G19 (actually they're still in the closet somewhere lol), got a Filco "Otaku" brown and haven't touched the Logitechs since. =P

Welcome! I recommend modded cherry mx switches! Personally I love using my poker with clear stems and right now it has a mixture of red and black springs. Also, if you get a PCB mounted board, I recommend getting some kind of rubber to put underneath. I have zero flex in my poker now and it feels solid, so don't let PCB mount discourage you! They're also a million times easier to modify.

Welcome. Time to get you off that Logitech ;)

The heavier the better, I guess I'm just a sucker for a plate mount. A bit stiff, you bet! But the feel, is oh so great.

Welcome to Geekhack!


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