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Anyone have experience with this trackball?

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--- Quote from: wellington1869;9747 ---best trackball i ever used was this logitech model (attached). (sadly I no longer remember the model number). It totally cured my RSI.  I switched to a regular mouse a while back though (a logitech mx400 - love it tho its very simple). I'm pretty sure this trackball is discontinued.
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The Logitech Trackman Marble - Wheel.  THE best pointing device ever made.  I have several (as well as a truckload of the non-wheel versions).  I snag them up whenever I see them on eBay.  

It's the only external pointing device I use.

It's non-optical, so I'd be concerned about the quality of the rollers used.

there seems to be some bad press about the iOne brand. I will probably stay away from it.


--- Quote ---What caught my attention was that the mouse keys are tactile.
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I think most if not all microswitches used in mice are tactile.


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