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The successor of DSA Retro is finally here! Always lovingly designed by Matt3o (me), this time proudly powered by

The keyset is of course in SA Profile, sculpted with the following row profile:

ROW 1 - Function keys
ROW 1 - Number row
ROW 2 - QWERTY row
ROW 3 - ASDFG row
ROW 4 - ZXCVB row (with the exception of SHIFT keys that are row 3)
ROW 4 - Modifier row

Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the final product but we got plenty in DSA fragrance to evaluate the color combo.

This one is full brown (True retro) REMEMBER THESE ARE DSA, the GB is for SA!

This is with burgundy

As I said the group buy is handled by the mighty guys at so you can expect this to be a pro and smooth buy as BunnyLake has spoiled us with :)

If you had enough of my blabbing go directly to the...

Order form

Just to wet your appetite these are the two main kits. Just $80 for a hell lot of keys!

True retro


There are 17 kits to choose from to dress up a wide range of keyboards! Be sure to grab everything you need. If in doubt, or you don't know if your keyboard is supported, just ask.

Although profetionally managed this is still a "community" project, the "fixed price" model Bunny has in place is straight forward for the buyer but still very risky. Some of the kits that have been asked in the IC phase need really a lot of love (such as the intl kits, dvorak, apple, ...).

Good hunting!

Order form

CTRLALT accepts creadit card payment via Stripe. But you can also pay by Paypal.

To pay with paypal: place your order and do not pay. Send your order number and your paypal email to ctrlalt from the contact form . All done


want to support SA Retro? Here's some code to place in your signature!

--- Code: ---[url=][img][/img][/url]
--- End code ---

Niiiiiiice !  :cool:

Will def. get the Ergodox kit

Man JTK Debut and this on the same day! My wallet feels like Rodney King

Nice one!


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