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Throughout various cultures, lavender is represented in food, drinks, and fashion.
GMK Lavender is inspired by these uses throughout the world, as well as the flower’s calming color.
I chose a more muted shade of lavender for this set to reflect how this color is used in modern culture and fashion.

Kaze by

Harbour by

I really hope you enjoy this set and that you share your thoughts and feedback using the form below!

Interest Check Form


US:  Space (SpaceCables)
CA:  Ashkeebs
SA:  Fancy Customs
EU:  CandyKeys
UK:  proto[Typist]
OCE:  SwitchKeys
SEA:  iLumkb
PHI:  Zion Studios
South Korea:  SwagKeys
Int'l:  KBDFans

GMK Lavender will run from June 1-29 2021


Click for larger images

Lavender - Base Kit

Rabenda - Alt base Kit

The Rabenda kit features katakana [カタカナ] sub legends to pay homage to the lavender fields of Japan’s Hokkaido prefecture
and the Japanese language of flowers, hanakotoba [花言葉], which derives from the use of katakana to transcribe words from western cultures.

Bouquet - Novelties Kit

The Bouquet kit designs are inspired by botanical and popular culture aspects of lavender.

Trimmings - Extensions Kit

Sprigs - Spacebars Kit

Petals - Numpad Kit

Roots - NorDeUk Kit

Click for larger images

Polycarbonate Rukia by MintAutumn

UHMWPE Irma by MintAutumn

J-02 by proto[Typist]

Whiskey by Bregoli

Satisfaction75 by CannonKeys


Click for larger images

Cafe deskmat by 1stGarden

Macaron deskmat by 1stGarden

Elegant deskmat


RAMA - ANSI Enter Metal Artisan

RAMA 01/02 SEQ2 - Round Tray

Both RAMA collaboration pieces will be anodized aluminum and matched to the same Pantone reference that we are using on the F2-84 Lavender edition

Salvun - Metal Artisan

Two tone cerakote that matches the cable done by Space cables, R1 aluminum cap, fiber laser engraved and enamel infill.


Win Keys
Geo Keycaps


Space Cables - Aviator cables

The cerakote on the aviators was coordinated by Space and Salvun to match!

ZeusCables - Braided Cable

Keyboard Accessories:

Amusing Atelier - Resin Wrist rest + Artisans
LeonardoDaMouse - Custom Lavender Themed Mice


Geonworks - Lavender F2-84

The F2-84 Lavender edition will be available for raffle for anyone that purchases a base kit from GMK Lavender
This will be a 30 unit run that will be raffled after the GMK Lavender GB has ended
Please join my discord server for all of the final information and to join the raffle when it happens

Legality note: this raffle is for the opportunity to buy the F2, not a paid spot or the board itself. This is not a prize.

Social Media



Biggest of Thanks
Plop for working together with me on novelties and deskmats, and for putting up with my crap 24/7.
Pwade for the last minute renders <3
EpsilonKeyboards for the constant feedback on theming, colors, and the support throughout the designing and IC process.
NathanAlphaMan for the kitting suggestions and renders for the set!
Kimchijodyboi for the discussion along the way with colors and designs.
Jintae for showing the early colors on stream and for the discussions on Japanese culture to ensure we didn't appropriate culture with this set.

I also want to thank everybody else who helped me in designing this keycap set!


To show your support for my keycap set, please add this banner to your profile signature!

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10/31/2020: Interest check posted.
01/27/2021: Vendors, group buy date, and collaborations announced.

To-Do List

- Gather feedback from IC form
- Revise kitting



Clean. I think there's a lot of purple sets right now in IC, but this looks solid.


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