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[IC] GMK Analog Dreams 2

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GMK Analog Dreams 2
~ June 4th to June 25th ~

That's right folks, Analog Dreams is back and better than ever.
For those of you who may not know, Analog Dreams is my interpretation of a vaporwave-themed keyset.
For Round 2 I'm also introducing a new sister set called Digital Nightmares.
Where Analog Dreams has Hiragana, Digital Nightmares has Katakana.
Where Analog Dreams is vaporwave, Digital Nightmares leans towards something more like synthwave, but retains the pastels to tie the two sets together.
On with the show.


2 base kits: Analog Dreams and Digital Nightmares.
Both feature as comprehensive base coverage as you'll find in GMK: Fullsize, TKL (even those F13 ones), 75%, 65%,
60%, 1800, physical ISO, Alice, and basic 40s support, don't even need a separate spacebar kit!
The pastels of Digital Nightmares are the same as Analog Dreams and while I was deciding on a good base purple,
I realized I had a great one on hand already, so it's actually the same color as GMK Taro's modifiers.

Expanded a bit from R1, I added 65% column support and some fun windowed caps to lean into the faux-vintage a e s t h e t i c.
Note: rendered with purple LEDs, the windows themselves are uncolored.

Who doesn't love some extra color in their life?

For all you split space weirdos.


US - Novelkeys
CA - Desk Hero
EU - Oblotzky.Industries
UK - Proto[Typist]
CN - zFrontier
AUS - Daily Clack
SEA - Monokei
SA - Fancy Customs


Novelkeys (USD)     Desk Hero (CAD)     Oblotzky.Industries (EUR)     Proto[Typist] (GBP)     Analog Dreams$125$159€119£106Digital Nightmares$125$159€119£106Novelties$55$70€47£47Accents$45$57€39£38Minibars$30$38€22£26zFrontier CN (CNY)     zFrontier EN (USD)     Daily Clack (AUD)     Monokei (SGD)     Fancy Customs (CLP)     Analog Dreams¥868$155$178$183$97.990Digital Nightmares¥868$155$178$183$96.990Novelties¥370$60$78$75$48.990Accents¥300$48$64$63$37.990Minibars¥200$32$43$41$23.990

That's right, deskmats are finally happening, thanks for your patience all you beautiful R1 supporters.

2 versions: Classic and Glitched

Sample pics:

My terrible pics:


There will be a Salvun cap, pics soon!

Round 1 caps have been sent to the following artisans for colormatching, pics will be added as they are produced, some may be during GB, some may be post-GB:

Just Another Keymaker
Phage Caps



Analog Dreams on a Horizon by Hand Engineering


Digital Nightmares on a Satisfaction75 by CannonKeys


Analog Dreams plus Novelties and Accents on an Alice by TGR


Digital Nightmares on a Campine by


Analog Dreams on a Whiskey by Bregoli


Digital Nightmares on a TKL One by Hineybush


Analog Dreams plus Novelties and Accents on an HBCP by Hineybush


Digital Nightmares on an MB-44 by MelonBred

If you're feeling saucy and wanna mix the two base kits together

Round 1 Pics

Board: Polaris
Pic: Me

Board: Praxis
Pic: LightningKeyboards (for more pics/info and a dang typing test click here)

Board: U80
Pic: Deansmilk#0001

Board: Vega
Pic: u/Jalapeno28

Board: Rukia
Pic: PnkPanther

Board: Tengu
Pic: turtle#1337

Board: Satisfaction75
Pic: Retrotainment#0001

Where's The Form?

So, I'm not partial to IC forms, but please sound off your thoughts and opinions and I will do my best to consider what suggestions you may have!
I do read every reply, I promise.

Want a signature?

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Follow Along

I have a discord server where you can choose to receive pings about this set (and others), feel free to join here!

There's also my instagram where I post pics, renders, updates, and more.

Special Thanks

Shell058 and MrDongblaster for being my continual sounding boards.

NathanAlphaMan for his continual mentorship in getting my renders to where they are today.

Bachoo for suggesting adding those windowed caps.

Biip for permission to use his Katakana legends.

All you fine folks for being patient for R2 <3

* 4/22: Added SEA proxy - Monokei
* 4/22: Proposed Split Accent kit
* 5/13: Updated Digital Nightmares to Biip Katakana, added Fancy Customs as South American Vendor
* Old Digital Nightmares Renders:


anal log dream


hell yeah bb


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