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[IC] PBT Story(Formerly Geekark Story)[Major Update+Change of Manufacturer]

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Geekark PBT Story

Hello, this is a project I've been working on for a while now and I think I am finally ready to proceed on an IC for it. This is a design inspired by a certain Japanese Literature involving a Crab, Cat, Snail, bunch of animals + a Vampire and a lot of wordplays(take a guess).

I have created and combined multiple different typefaces while designing this set. The theme for this is Japanese Literatures, which are usually published in a stylized Calligraphy-Like Serif font called Minchotai 明朝体, which this set is primarily using.

Current Hiragana Fonts in the market are usually Gothic, which is a San-Serif font that most keycaps currently on the market use.

Sorry for the long silence, I've been actively working with zFrontier to get a BRAND NEW manufacturer with quality, pricing and delivery time surpassing that of Geekark. Details on the reasons for this change is detailed in my reply below but TLDR is that I got some intel from my Chinese IC highlighting issues with Geekark's recent reputation there. To avoid such problems I have been taking my time looking for a good manufacturer with the following criteria:

- Deliver at a "Sane" lead time
- Quality at least as good as Geekark, rivalling EPBT
- Reasonable pricing

This brand is a newcomer working with zFrontier(not Keycreative) and to my knowledge is producing this keyset as their debut set, considering that, I have high hopes that they will meet all the criteria.

More details will be released after confirmation. We are looking at a July GB, fingers crossed.

Deskmat Form HERE
Google Form (Please help me out by filling in this form)
Full Album Here


Customized Hiragana Sublegends

U80-A Port By Rama Works

Full Novelties

Nemui By Bachoo

Alt Alpha, Num Row, Mods, Novelty (Peak Weeb)

1800 By TKC

Single Color

Ikki68 Aurora By Wuque Studio + Saka68 by CMM.Studio


Paragon By Artemis Design Studios

Please Note: 4.5u Spacebar is XDA
MAJOR KITTING UPDATE: We no longer need to use XDA profile for the 4.5u spacebar with this new manufacturer!
Base kit(New)

Alt Alpha(New)

Alt Mod(New)




Also, a small peek at the V1 deskmat I've made, this won't go to GB. Try guessing the reference in here!


* Geekark Brand new manufacturer(Name TBA when the manufacturer promotes)
* FULL (Modified) Cherry Profile(1-1-2-3-4-4) except for XDA 4.5u Spacebar
* Full JIS Support
* (Reverse)Dye-Sublimation
* 1.5mm THICK PBT
* Designed By Shawnlyx(Lunasho)

TBA, my color kit have arrived and I have finished picking the color, details will be shared when I received the sample caps!


US: Vala Supply
CA: Deskhero
UK: Prototypist
EU: mykeyboard.EU
SEA: Hex Keyboards
CN: zFrontier
JP: Basekeys
Oceania: Dailyclack

GB Date
Looking at a Q3(July) GB.



* 8/5/2021 Updated the kit render resolution
* 10/5/2021 Kitting Update
* 14/5/2021 Announced Vendor + Kitting Update
* 14/5/2021 All Vendors onboard
* 18/5/2021 Added Deskmat + Additional Renders
* 19/5/2021 Updated the Deskmat design to more closely capture the feeling from the inspiration.
* 20/5/2021 Fixed some kanas on the backspace key.
* 8/6/2021 Major Update + Change of Manufacturer + kitting changes


I like the looks of your sublegends but would you consider Doubleshot?
I'd like to do it too, but it's too expensive to do that and I want to do a "Story" set. Doubleshot GMK BoW or Wob will be a future project if there is enough interest in that.

No Daiji(大字) for JIS?
JIS market isn't big enough to justify 10 extra caps.(すいません、また今度。楽しみにしていて下さい!)

Alpha only keycaps?
I don't think it fits the theme of this set.
I've got at least 5 different typefaces in this project and 4 of them are customized, please do consider supporting the Japanese Set instead!

Hey, your banner logo looks good, why don't you put it on the novelty?
I don't want to get sued to oblivion.

What is the key profile?
Thick 1.5mm Cherry(Dye-Sub PBT)

All of your keys are Cherry Profile, why is the 4.5u Spacebar for JIS XDA?
Geekark only does XDA profile 4.5u spacebar, it is suggested that I take the XDA profile instead since the dimension is close to cherry profile but flat instead of domed.

Hiragana only alphas?
Not at this moment, trust me I would really love to make it, but looking at previous sales number for other Hiragana alpha kits like GMK Hanami Dango, the sales number just isn't high enough for a Geekark GB. Especially not for this niche color. I will be interested to explore it in the future but for my 1st run I'd like to play it safe.

Please consider adding this to your signature to support the set:
--- Code: ---[url=][img][/img][/url]
--- End code ---

To Do
Finalize Color
Manufacturer Change
GB Date


Special thanks to u/bthf on reddit for their in depth research and write up compiling the list of Typefaces appearing in the series for the design of this kit.
Big thanks to hali from KDD, u/mumpz, u/NotJALC from reddit and others who filled up my pre-ic form for the advice on color and kitting.
Thanks to York Chan too for the IC format I copied from.

Could you not ensure pricing for alt mod + alphas would total up to be the same price as the base kit? Imo that is a nice combo and it would be good to see.

AFAIK the only issue would then be sourcing 4.5u spacebar wires. I'm sure that won't be too hard.

That will be my intention, yes. I will try to get the pricing as close as possible.

nice. alpha bars avail? and can base kit be split into mod and alpha kits?

looks nice, looking forward to another great geekark set  :thumb:


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