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Introducing the
A Wireless Exploded 75%

Feedback Form

0. Contents

1. Details

Plate and Hotswap PCBs will be available in both fixed ANSI and ISO
Soldered PCBs will feature all below layout options

2. Status
At the time of writing this I have been using the prototype for around a week wirelessly across both windows and ipad, There are a few changes to be made such as the transition to fixed ansi/iso plate and minor dimension adjustments. But, overall I was very happy with how the prototype has turned out and look forward to bringing it to the Groupbuy stage in the near future.

Current Todo List
Make adjustments based on prototype
Collect IC Feedback
Produce a New Weight Design
Prototype Hotswap PCBs
Finalize Colours and Pricing
Launch GB

3. Photos

Zmk Firmware?
ZMK is keyboard firmware whose development has taken a “wireless first” approach and therefore will allow us to provide superb wireless functionality, battery life and connectivity. For more information please see

Battery life?
At the time of writing this decisions regarding what battery will be used are yet to be decided upon. The 120mah LiPo battery in the prototype gives an estimated month of battery life with current aims to increase this.

(Note this section will be added to in due time)

If you are interested in this project please remember to fill out our feedback form:

Special Thanks to:
David at Mechboards UK and James of AKB for their continued support with the design and project as a whole.


Where was this when I was looking for this board specifically?  :confused:  :-[

I see wireless, I in

Oh that's nice! GLWIC will be watching


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