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Finally got Halo to work.

Anyone else Playing ?

Right now it doesn't seem like a fair fight vs people with faster GPUs.

The graphics settings do not let you to turn down "ENUFF" stuff to get the same FPS as rich people.

So, on p00r Tp4's 1060,  only ~70-85fps, 1080p everything on LOW/Off,   

What needs to happen is they have to change the GPU setting such that Most of the expensive features can be turned off completely.

CPU usage is 100%, wth is it doing with all that ??

Still having fun overall.  Pacing is good, the gravity is a bit wonky, but this is inherited from consoles.

Ok, figured out the CPU  issue,  it runs like the old Mastercam, just 100% cpu if you set game's fps uncapped.

Basically, set the cap to ~20% higher than the gpu's max output.

Start with 120fps limiter, then in game watch the meter, find the max, either go up or down, add 20%

If set to unlocked, the GPU does not get to max fps, because the engine is choking the CPU.

No longer have 100% cpu, it's running at 30-40%,  my fps is ~80-100 now (Before 70-85).  So for limiter I set it to 120fps limit

Don't think i'm addicted yet,   it's OKkkkkk..

1060 really is just not hitn' it.

Open maps 70-85
Closed maps 80-100   

probably 3070 would cut cheese.. hrrrrmmmm..

I really don't like how the weapons are on the walls. 

I did not realize the multiplayer was free to play, holy crap! They give the game away with the pass, and the multi is ftp. Where are they making money off Halo Infinite?

They do the cosmetic armor stuff,  I think the pricing is fair considering.

Right now people are complaining about the progression system, which is extremely slow if you want to build the spartan (cosmetic) parts.

I tested the game in training mode for a few hours, I think using 1080p + lowest rendering resolution so it's lower than 1080p, 100-130fps,  is the only way to be competitive on my low end Gpu.   Running the GPU at near 100% also feels like its introduced a bit more input lag.   So perhaps capping the fps to 85-95% of peak is more consistent, not totally sure about it yet. But using the Cap to lower the CPU usage is critical,  lots of input lag uncapped.


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