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Hi guys !


I'll be honest but I'm not completely new. I've been lurking these forums for some time and now when 10 posts are needed to see the Group Buys I decided to climb out of the darkness and introduce myself.

I'm from Slovakia, I don't remember where I found out about mechanical keyboards but it was probably reddit (which I love !!). I got my KBC Poker last week from Feng's group buy and I can't even compare it to my older MS Sidewinder, the Cherry browns are awesome. I have already ordered blank white PBC keycaps, the lambda key, portal, biohazard keys and the Retro/TKLSYM set from Round4.

I would like to be part of the geekhack keyboard community. Precautions for newbies like me may not look nice for some people but I'm sure they are necessary so stuff like the ClickClacks reselling doesn't happen again. Hi again, I hope I'll fit in.

Hi! I am in the same position! Long time lurker of GH community =)

Well at least you've got the 10 posts now =)

Welcome to geekhack!

Greetings, fellow 10 post seeker :)


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