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So I'm the new guy here. I've been looking into mechanical keyboards for about a week now and found this great forum and thought I'd register. I have no real experience with mechanicals but from what I've read and seen/heard on Youtube, I'd like something with Cherry Blues. My main use is programming/developing and do very little gaming. However, since I haven't really seen/heard any mechanical in person since the mid-80's, I'm wondering if that is really what I want.

Does anyone know of a member in the Central Arkansas area that has a mechanical keyboard that I could touch/hear?

Computer-Lab in Basement:

Unfortunately I am unsure of and GeekHackers in the Arkansas area.  I wish I could be of greater assistance, but I'm up in the northeast US.

Welcome!  It started with Browns and after having tried all the other switches they are still my favorite.  If you do want that clicky sound, blues may be the way to go.

Welcome to geekhack!!!

Welcome young padawan.

May the clicks and clacks be with you (but not your money).


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