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Hi All!


New to Geekhack, but i have been constantly led back to the site from my numerous google searches and my current quest for an aluminum keyboard tray..
I have been keying away for a long time now and think it's time i treat my fingers to some 5 star treatment.
I have been active on the classifieds (same username) as well as ebay in the past thanks to being located in Canada and not having parts/things readily available (joy!) but the side-effect of this has been a much higher exposure to the in's and out's of the latest and greatest gizmo's and gadgets the inet has  to offer.

Since we are on the topic of keyboards the only mechanicals i currently own are a Steelseries 7G (blacks) and a CM Quickfire Rapid (Reds, which i would love a metal case for, any recommendations?) so please don't laugh.
Hi. ;D

Computer-Lab in Basement:

Nobody here is going to laugh at you for a request on info for a fancy kb housing.

Unfortunately I don't think you'll be finding a metal case for your quickfire rapid. There is currently interest in a group buy for metal housings for Filcos, but from what I've read from past designs by the same guy, it won't fit your keyboard.

Feel free to ask feng anyhow. I might be wrong.

Welcome to GH! Have fun!

Thanks for the warm welcome!
I will soon have a pure (reds, no backlight+pbt keys) and a oneproduct aluminum case in my hands if all goes well, looking forward to that, also looking into replacing the oems on the quickfire and maybe a plasticoat job on it as well.
Hopefully a titanium spacebar helps my fps kdr ;)

Excellent forum guys/girls!

If that doesn't help it you can always beat your opponents with a titanium spacebar haha.


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