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Hello guys, newbie here~
Love the blue switches, they are totally awesome~
So want to get a new keyboard with mx blues,
But worried about co-workers being annoyed

Welcome to Geekhack buddy! I use blues at work xD but I have my own little office.

Some O-Rings will remedy the noise of bottoming out. And that makes up half of the noise. If I was working somewhere, I'd totally get blue board just to piss people off.

Also welcome to WalletHack. If you have any money, consider it gone. If you have any property, considered it sold/traded and transformed into keyboards.

Computer-Lab in Basement:

Muahaha thx guys~
about to get my first mechanical keyboard YEAH~ :p

btw, will blue boards with o rings still get people annoyed?? :rolleyes:
cuz i really want the blue boards,
super clicky tactile feels make me type a lot faster than usual, SO AWESOME TO TYPE ON!!! :))


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