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Hey yous GHers,

There was a Houston Mechanical Keyboard Meetup that was helf by u/thief60 on Reddit in May that was a great success, and in light of the successful Austin Meetup a few weeks ago, ThieF60 and I have decided to host another Houston Meetup in November (original reddit post here: ) TXRX Labs ( is willing to host us for free, and right now based on feedback the meetup looks like it will be November 11th from 6pm to 10pm. I am a lurker on GH but would love to extend the invitation to GHers as well and hear what y'all think of the meetup! Let me know what dates and times would work best for y'all, and post if you'd like to attend!

I have made dye-sublimated PBT keycaps for the previous Houston MK Meetup and definitely plan to do the same for this meetup! We may make a meetup t-shirt as well, and we are approaching sponsors for giveaway items to make things fun! Since TXRX Labs is also extremely well-stocked with maker machines, we will also try to plasma cut a brass plate, CNC machine a wood case, and solder a keyboard DURING the meetup to demonstrate just how DIY you can get with just a hackerspace at your fingertips! If y'all have any other ideas you want integrated, please post!

Thanks for reading!

Well...... Darn. I am in the north houston area..... I know I saw something about this back then... I was just not sure where when I went to go back and check it out. Anyways... Any future Houston meetups, and I would love to come out and attend and see some cool fun DIY projects in action. I have been on a buying spree this month trying to get caught up in the world of artisan caps. I believe the next step before i take my game up to the next level is seeing it done in person. Then get my hands dirty and start with a real DIY keyboard. I love the community and wish to make friends who have interests similar to mine.

My name is the same on reddit and just about everywhere else.


There is a meetup in San Antonio in March, and one in Dallas that will probably be in April.

There will also be a meetup in Houston again in May! Hopefully you can make it out!

Y U NO Odessa/Midland/Lubbock/San Angelo??


If I were closer to Houston I would go.


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