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I'm hosting a meetup group for mechanical keyboard folks in Helsinki/Finland.

We had a small meetup in December 2017 and I'm planning on keeping the next one in March or April 2018.

The first meetup was a sort of a test to see if folks are interested at all and I was really pleased to see two people appear in addition to me. Hopefully future meetups see more folks and more keyboards.

You can find the meetup group over at

So do join and/or post here if you're interested in coming over to the next meetup. Nothing specific planned though, just keyboards, chit-chat, and drinks unless some good ideas come up. :)


I will probably use this thread to post updates on upcoming meetups, I'll let you know if I change that later on.



- July 14th, 2018:

(Reserved in case I need to add some info about the meetup group here later on.)

Oh boy, we're having a new meeting! 14th July (Saturday) we're getting together in Ruoholahti, Helsinki.

Join us at the page:

Of course, if you don't like feel free to RSVP in this topic as well, I know some folks don't want to use for various reasons. :)

No planned activities other than chit-chat, some drinks, and loads'a keyboards! We can plan a fall meetup with a workshop or similar.


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