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Portland, OR Meetup


Who: Clickers, clackers, collectors, creators, me, YOU, everybody of all ages!

What: Portland, OR Keyboard Club (PDXKBC) Meetup

When: Saturday, January 27th, 6-9pm

Where: Lucky Lab SE (12th and Hawthorne) [Minors are allowed until 10PM]

Why: MECHANICAL KEYBOARDS! And beer. And winter beers. And tasty sandwiches

How: Portland Streetcar, Tri-Met Line 14, Car (plenty of parking), bike, or walk!

We hope you can make it!

Damn, working that night. Maybe next time.


--- Quote from: Rayoui on Mon, 15 January 2018, 23:09:24 ---Damn, working that night. Maybe next time.

--- End quote ---

Sorry you can't make it!  I'll keep linking here!

Will be attending this meet! Bringing my boyfriend (Dan), and ipee9932cd along!

Will there be another? I missed this one but I'd love to attend one sometime


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